Baby Photography & Photoshoots in Melbourne

Some of my clients request a session that focuses mainly on the kids rather than on the whole family. Some family photos can be included if you like, but the focus of these sessions are capturing the spirit of the individual child or sibling relationships rather than your interactions as a family unit.

Baby photo shoots are best held when he or she is between 6-10 months of age; sitting up but not yet walking. Toddler, child or sibling photo shoots are perfect at any age. It can can be a great opportunity to incorporate a favourite activity or location to capture them as they truly are. Think about toys or activities that bring a smile to your child’s face or something that you would like to remember about this time in your lives. It might be a favourite toy truck, beloved snugly bear, a skateboard, ballet shoes, sidewalk chalk if you love to draw together, a guitar if you love to sing together.

Fun activities might be something like, a walk on the beach, washing the dog, a picnic in the backyard, painting, dump trucks on the beach, a fairy princess tea party; anything that you know will make your kids eyes light up!

If you like we love you to become involved in the settling and placing of your baby and a constant supply of coffee is always available.
Details of hands and feet are lovely and we may ask you to hold your babys feet etc so please pay special attention to your nails prior to the shoot. Every little detail shows! If you would like to have a full length photo of you and your baby or of both parents and your baby please mention this before hand. We would ask that you don’t bring siblings to the session as it can be  long and we keep the studio very hot and this can be very boring and tiring for older ones. If you’d like them involved please discuss this with us at the time of booking and we’ll find a way to work this out.

A few months older
If you decide to have your baby photographed when he/she has outgrown this tiny newborn stage we would recommend you wait until they are able to sit up unaided. This is a great stage and brings lots of smiles and chubby little arms and legs. You wont get the sleepy shots but we like to try and think up ways to make the shots fun.


Baby Photos

First Weeks 
To achieve those sleepy peaceful photos we really need to meet your baby no later than the first two weeks of their birth. The absolute earlier and sleepier the better. It so surprising that every day you leave it they waken a little bit more. Before day 10 is best. This may seem very early but after that those little eyes…and lungs spring into action and the session usually becomes a lot longer!

Be prepared to wait…and wait…. and wait some more, until we get them into a deep sleep.

Give your baby a full tummy and a clean nappy before you leave home you will hopefully  have a very sleepy and peaceful baby by the time you arrive. Our sessions are very relaxed and will take as much time as required, sometimes up to 3 hours to allow for feeding changing and lots and lots of settling!