Pregnancy Photography Melbourne 

Our  individual session costs $165 pregnancy Photography and for babies that can sit up or for families and $185 for newborn sessions which last much longer. This includes as much time as is necessary and is applicable for all sessions. A combined Bump aka Pregnancy photoshoot and subsequent newborn baby session fee is $325. These fees cover the photographers time and gives you access to all the little props involved.

This can make a fabulous gift for a baby shower even between a few friends. Our pricing starts with a flexible packege at $280 which normally includes a one larger mounted 10 x 10 (or similar depending on choice of image) image ready to frame and five prints. This can be altered to include or be put towards other products. After this there really is no hard sell…we promise. Please book early. This may be penciled in before the birth and we will come and go with dates after.
Session Fees are payable prior the day and once your baby arrives we take this in full to confirm your appointment.
A guide pricelist can be emailed to you when you get in touch initially.  Prints start from £40. There is no hard sell but we believe its hard to resist.

To keep our quality, and our sanity, to a very high standard we only undertake one session a day allowing us plenty of time for the hours of editing, the presentation and meetings with you.
Pregnancy photo shoots should be around the 7/8 month mark and can involve as much or as little nudity as you are comfortable with. Dads can be involved in this too. Polish up those pecs Dads!!!

Following your session we will make a date with you to come back and view your photos with us .  This is usually around two weeks  later depending on how busy we are at that time.  Just before this we will present them on line in the form of a slideshow  so you can come back to us with a few favourites in mind. However within a few days of your shoot we like to post a little preview of a couple of shots on our Blog and we will let you know when this appears.

We will present your images in the format, colour, crop and style that we think shows off our work to its very best.  This may include very close cropping or off centred images which reflects our style.    Specific requests to alter images can be done but will be quoted and charged as additional post production.  All our images will be initially presented with any small scars, blemishes etc. removed and a light skin smoothing applied – this is not classed as additional post production.

At our follow up meeting we can show you the many different framing and album options available and discuss costs in more detail.  Please feel comfortable to discuss a budget you had in mind.

A 50% deposit will be taken at this visit to guarantee your order and the balance is payable on day of collection in full.

Orders usually take between 2/4 weeks depending on the content.  Please bear in mind the timescale between booking a session, and picking up your goods can be as much as 8 weeks.  Prints may be less.

Photograph Back ups
All Photographs will be purged from our system 6 months after yourinitial order unless you have specifically asked us to do otherwise.
If you have not ordered from your session within three months of the session date we will also purge your files from our system at that time.